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Jerry 'Flo' Randolph has been a dance/fitness instructor  for over 18years and has taught dance, fitness and conditioning to all ages and levels. After being sidelined by injury earlier in his career, in the midst of rehabilitation he found a new love in physical training. After searching for ways to stay healthy and to maintain his physique he incorporated his dance expertise and a developed a unique exercise/conditioning program for all ages. As a dancer/entertainer, martial artist Jerry has shared both the big screen, and big stage with some of the world's biggest celebrities  such as Will Smith, Christina Aguilera,  Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Nsync, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara,  Nick Cannon, Wayne Brady, and Usher. Combining his background in dance and martial arts, Jerry's classes/training have a unique blend that helps his students to attain a greater connection to their physicality


Daniel Tran is an aspiring dancer and choreographer from OC, California; who’s most recently danced under iLL Habits, GRaVy Babies, and now GRooVe, as well as co-directing FTDT. Currently, his passion for dance mainly revolves around creating choreography and teaching it, with an intention of simply sharing the space with individuals that have the same passion

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Leah Roman is the co-director of The Jukebox Grounds in Mesa, AZ (an all street styles dance studio)  She specializes and trains in Hip Hop, Locking, Krump and Chicago Footwork. She choreographs and teaches for studios throughout the valley and has had the honor of choreographing for projects in Oklahoma, California, South Carolina, Georgia, Illinois and Japan.  Leah Roman’s goal is to always remain a driven student, continue to explore movement and search for knowledge, and share all she gains with her students along the way.

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